I decided to start this blog after two things happened to me: 1. Two magazines I worked for and loved folded within the space of a year and 2. The story I pitched just after the second magazine closed–about the growing influence of southern culture in/on New York–got accepted by Garden & Gun for publication this spring/summer. As a southerner living in Manhattan for more than five years now, I’ve seen this city grow to love and embrace our downhome way of life. I knew it would make a great trends story, but I didn’t realize just how deeply southern people and culture have infiltrated New York until I started researching and interviewing sources. What I found was overwhelming–way more anecdotes and insights than could ever fit into one feature story–so I decided to share the runover here. I plan to post lots of great interviews with southern and southern-inspired New Yorkers, as well as all of the interesting nuggets, trivia, and incestuous southern connections I discovered along the way. What I’m most excited about, however, is how this story will develop beyond my initial material to take on its own life here. As the post count grows, so will the story.


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