Vamp Camp

Photo: HBO

“Because I grew up in the south and around so many southern women similar to my character (in some ways!), I had so much to draw from when we started shooting True Blood. There is such a feminine control and poise that so many southern women have and a charm that cannot be taught. The exterior does not always match what’s going on inside; that’s why I loved playing Sarah Newlin–she was conflicted and complicated. And once you got past the hairspray and khaki capri pants you could really get to know her.”

-Actress Anna Camp on how her experience growing up in Aiken, South Carolina helped her get into character

When I started researching the story for Garden & Gun, I immediately thought of Anna as a source. She’s the first cousin of a very good friend of mine from Camden, SC (where I grew up) and lived in New York for many years (you might remember her playing opposite Daniel Radcliffe in a little Broadway play called Equus). As it turned out, Anna moved to LA a year or so ago, but she still had a lot to say about how her southern upbringing contributed to her career, especially as it relates to being a southern woman. Plus, she’s just super sweet and really nice to talk to. Anna and I have been playing phone tag for awhile now–she just got married!–but I hope to have more from her soon.

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