Firefly Bourbon

If you don’t follow Firefly Vodka’s Twitter feed like my husband or read bourbon blogs like a few cocktail-nerd friends who’ll remain anonymous, then you probably missed the most exciting news of the week. In April, just in time for the Derby, Firefly will introduce Sweet Tea Bourbon (SWEET TEA BOURBON!!!!!). By expanding distilling operations beyond Wadmalaw Island, SC, where the company is based, to a larger distillery in Kentucky, the company was able to meet growing demand for their liquid gold liquor (which is the reason we New Yorkers can find Firefly locally at spirits shops like Astor Place). By this time last year, Firefly was distributed in all 50 states. Here’s what Firefly’s web site has to say about their new offering:

“Firefly Sweet Tea Flavored Bourbon Whiskey starts with handcrafted Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from the world renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery. It is then infused with South Carolina tea and real sugar cane. The experience is a perfect blend of sweet tea and bourbon, two southern traditions. Try it with spring water over ice.”

Or in a Julep. Yes, please.

Feeling thirsty yet?


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3 responses to “Firefly Bourbon

  1. McRae Hogan

    I have a feeling things will get a lot more interesting this year at the tailgate lot!

  2. Gibson

    Things might get ugly with this around.

  3. OK well, can I go ahead and book a spot at Betty Ford, or shall I just wait until the addiction is completely raging? Very excited. Will blog about this in the a.m.

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