Grown and Sewn in TriBeCa

Rob Magness, Grown & Sewn

Grown & Sewn's TriBeCa storefront. Photo: Grown and Sewn

Most newly independent designers don’t start out opening a storefront. They usually produce samples, wholesale to established retailers, and if they’re lucky enough to achieve shelf space, a good sell-through rate and a sizable following (favorable reviews help, too), then and only then might they open their own brick-and-mortar retail operation. Not Rob Magness. The Houston native and Ralph Lauren alumnus, who most recently served as Creative Director of Lincs, decided to buck tradition and do things his own way. He left Lincs in 2007 to begin working on his own label, Grown & Sewn. Last November, Magness simultaneously launched G&S and opened the collection’s first storefront in the heart of TriBeCa. Not exactly cheap real estate, but Magness believes his made-in-America–or, rather, Grown and Sewn-in-America–authenticity will strike a chord. “In an era of companies scanning the globe to pursue products that can be made at a lesser price while compromising the environment, it feels great to lay a new foundation with an American standard in my own backyard,” Magness says. The cornerstone of Grown & Sewn’s dry goods collection are Kax, a khakis-jeans hybrid reminiscent of 1960s wheat jeans (perfect for a certain friend who can’t bear swapping chinos for jeans). Wouldn’t they look perfect with a nice little made-in-New York Steven Alan button-down (conveniently located just around the corner)?

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