Gate 5A at LGA

Gate 5A, Laguardia Airport, Renaldo Balkman

Too many delays and not enough seats. Photo: James Maher Photography

Anyone flying Delta from Laguardia to points south knows the frustration that is Gate 5A. It’s reserved for Comair–excuse me, Delta Connection—flights, which means it’s pretty much the neglected stepchild of the Delta Terminal. I’m flying to Greenville, South Carolina today, which means that, barring a miracle of mercy, I will once again pass through this dreaded portal. The upside: I ALWAYS run into people that I haven’t seen in forever or didn’t even know lived in New York or couldn’t imagine flying on tiny commuter planes. People like USC grad and former NY Knick (tear) Renaldo Balkman.

Gate 5A, Laguardia Airport, Renaldo Balkman

Renaldo Balkman and my husband Will.


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2 responses to “Gate 5A at LGA

  1. KA

    The mention of 5A just made me panic.

  2. Carrie Williams

    Hi Jessica! I don’t know how I didn’t know you had a blog, but i’ve enjoyed reading it! I just had to comment on how much anxiety 5A gave me…so much that I refuse to fly delta to Greensboro…I would rather go to EWR and fly continental (though I do miss running into people there)! Hope you’re doing well!

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