An Alabama Slamma of a Cake

kim severson, alabama layer cakes, New York Times, boiled chocolate icing, jessica mischner, southern on the inside

In layer cake parlance, this one's a short stack.

Back in December, Kim Severson published an article for the Times about gravity-defying Alabama layer cakes, and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Yesterday, I finally had an occasion to make one (as if an occasion is really necessary for cake) and while my vertically challenged confection turned out 13 to 15 layers shy of bragging rights, I’ll admit to being pretty pleased with the results (I even made old-fashioned boiled chocolate icing!). And in true modern blogger fashion, I photographed my cake to show you.


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One response to “An Alabama Slamma of a Cake

  1. Yum! This cake is soooo good! I made it back in December and could not resist dipping my fingers in the frosting while I was icing it.

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