We SALute Bryan Batt

It’s pretty clear that I’m the last person to know that Bryan Batt–who plays (played?) the closeted character of Sal on Mad Men–co-owns a super-chic interior design shop called Hazelnut in New Orleans. Batt, a native of the Big Easy, and his partner Tom Cianfichi (maybe the most gorgeous shop owners EVER) named their operation after Batt’s grandmother Hazel Nuss (“Nuss” = “nut” in German). I’ve been cruising the web site all morning, and while there’s plenty to love among the store’s supply of cut glassware, furnishings and under $50 accessories (these cheeky “regal” napkin rings would be the perfect hostess gift), I’m kind of obsessed by the fabrics. The Pontchartrain Beach prints are sprightly enough, but the New Orleans Toile that I spotted on Haskell Harris’s blog makes me want to catch a flight to see more. All of which is to say, BRING SAL BACK!


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