Garden & Gun Takes New York

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The party venue.

Last night, Garden & Gun celebrated their April/May issue with a party at the Billy Reid store on Bond Street. In addition to being charmed by the magazine’s lovely staff, I had the pleasure of chatting with accomplished southern-New Yorkers like Chris Bray and Kirk Bray of Billykirk and Hunter Bell and Jen Dixon of Hunter Dixon. Highlights of the party include watching a misguided non-southerner eat boiled peanuts for the first time–shells and all–and overhearing multiple party-goers greet long-lost friends by exclaiming, “I haven’t seen you since the Avett Brothers concert.” Needless to say, it was a wonderful night. Enjoy the pictures.

How beautiful is this store!

Nuts! In a can!

Downstairs looking out from Billy Reid's new in-store showroom.

Beautiful party-goers.


Everything in the store, right down to the staircase, came from the South.

The ladies of Hunter Dixon.

More partygoers, including Janie Smith (in red) of the North Carolina Society of New York.

Because it wouldn't be a party without koozies.

Look who showed up!

Danny Meyer provided the delicious food.

The ultimate party appetizer.

The cover fits right in with the decor.

More party-goers.

The organizers were nice enough to let me keep the poster. Thank you, Caroline!


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9 responses to “Garden & Gun Takes New York

  1. McRae Hogan

    YAY!! Looks soooo fun! Congrats again!!

  2. Susan O'Neal

    It looks wonderful and so do you. So proud!!!

  3. Justin Finley

    Congrats on the cover Jess (maxham yarrrrrrr)

  4. Looks like a wonderful showing from quite a few Southerners in NYC! Such a great concept — glad it all went SO well. Sad I missed the soiree…

  5. Katie Alice

    Love that cover!

  6. And the girl behind it! So proud.

  7. It was great to see this Southern Invasion of NYC. Garden and Gun is such a beautiful magazine and along with the “Ladies of Hunter Dixon” and Margaret Holmes boiled p-nuts make us proud of our “Southern Class”!

  8. Danimal

    A Southern buddy just sent me this article, enjoyed your piece. Not sure if it’s your turf but a piece on all the musicians from down South here in NYC sure would be interesting, particularly the southern-infused ones of the bluegrass/folk/americana variety, seems like lots to mine there….Cheers, Daniel

    • jessicamischner

      Thanks so much for your comment. I think you’re spot on about the music idea. I’m working on developing that story, either for this blog or another publication. Email me at if there are specific artists/groups you think I should have on my radar. Thanks!

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