Spotlight on New Orleans

Treme, HBO, New Orleans, Times-Picayune, John Boutte, Antoine Batiste, Trombone Shorty, David Simon

Though I always seem to watch it on any day other than Sunday (like last night), I’m kind of loving HBO’s new show, Treme, partially because of its amazing music–listen to the full-length version of John Boutté’s Treme Song here or check out each episode’s playlist here–and partially because I wish I had a name like Antoine Batiste or Trombone Shorty (I’d also be fine with being called “Chief” every now and again). Since I’m not from New Orleans, I don’t know how accurate the references are or what nods and winks I’m missing, but I do enjoy the Times-Picayune’s running commentary about what the show gets right and what it misses.


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