Alice Callahan is Blowin’ Up

alice callahan, gossip girl, sao, vineyard vines

That's Alice on the far right, putting on her best I'm-better-than-you face. Photo courtesy of the WB.

I was very happy to see the lovely (and southern) Alice Callahan on Gossip Girl (again!) last night. Alice is a dear friend of two dear friends of mine, so in southern-networking terms, she’s a dear friend of mine, too. And, now, all of America gets to see how talented she is. In addition to a recurring (speaking!) role as one of Blair Waldorf’s minions-cum-college friends on multiple episodes this season, Alice is also an accomplished model, having photographed for numerous brands like Sao and Vineyard Vines (full disclosure: my husband works there). Check out Alice’s very fun web site and portfolio here.

Alice modeling for Sao, which just happens to be a block from my office, which is how I discovered that this girl I kept running into at parties was kind of a big deal.

Alice modeling something pastel on the vineyard vines web site.


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