Manhattan Bridge

Charles Schulz and Snoopy were avid Bridge players.

I’ve got a group of friends in New York, and we play Bridge together. In the beginning, we might as well have been playing Go Fish for as much as we knew about the ins and outs of Bridge. And while we’re still a little iffy on the particulars of bidding–1 club vs. a club, if you know what I’m saying–we have come an awfully long way considering we’re teaching ourselves (with the occasional guest lecture from one of our moms or aunts whenever she happens to be in town).

bridge hand, 3NT

Out first legitimately dealt 3NT hand.

Still, we’re proud of our expanding Bridge circle, so if you or anyone you know is interested in learning to play–or in sharing secrets with a bunch of newbies–email me at Also, if you can shed any light on the old rule that Bridge cards must be ugly, we’re dying to know the story behind this awesomely tacky tradition.

Couldn't find uglier cards if you tried. (No offense to Santa, who put them in my stocking.)

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One response to “Manhattan Bridge

  1. I’m curious — what is the over-all age of your bridge playing group? And are they all ladies or mixed sex?

    I’m this 90 year old lady whose unlikely end-of-life cause IS the preservation of what I call “sociable” bridge–and your bridge group sounds exactly like the kind of bridge that was endemic when I was in my 30s and 40s.

    To that end, last year I FINALLY got all the notes and quotes and STUFF I’d collected for years on sociable bridge, and turned it into a book called The Bridge Table or What’s Trump Anyway?

    You can check my website for the comments of bridge establishment types, and a link there to Booklocker to read excerpts.

    I’d love to hear your reaction!


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