A Better Breed of Ketchup

Though it’s not quite cookout season yet, we jumped the gun a few weekends back and have been firing up the grill regularly ever since. On most occasions I’m pretty content with hamburgers, but we classed it up a bit this past Saturday with fancy sausages, steaks and pork chops (plus a few ground sirloin patties for good measure). Now, obviously it’s not a cookout–southern or otherwise–without ketchup, but this sophisticated collection of meat called for a higher-order tomato-based condiment. Enter Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup. In NYMag matrix terms, it’s both high- and low-brow brilliant. Not only is the marketing and packaging genius (a moustache AND a monocle!), but the product is also legitimately good. It’s more tomato-ey than Heinz and less corn syrupy sweet, and the added spice makes pairing it with steak seem tasteful and right. It actually works as an enhancer, complementing the flavor of meat and fries rather than covering it up.

I was lucky enough to sample one of the few jars of SK’s in circulation, but I wanted more. I reached out to Mark Ramadan, one of the company’s founders, and he assured me that they were in the midst of producing 11,000 more jars. Within the next few weeks, this new batch of ketchup will hit the SK web site and foodzie shop. Just in time for summer, the most ketchup-friendly season of the year.


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