Spanx For the Memories

Spanx CEO Laurie Ann Goldman's hyper-stylized office. Photo: DC by Design Blog.

You know how sometimes you encounter something multiple times in a short period so that it becomes top of mind in a weird, beyond-coincidental kind of way? Maybe it’s a book or product or person that seems to be popping up everywhere, even if it’s only you who’s noticing it? Well, I’ve been having that kind of experience with Spanx lately (so bizarre, I know). First, I was packing for a trip to Atlanta this weekend that will include a dressy occasion and, of course, I threw my tried and true under armor into the bag before anything else. Then, I was reading WWD a day later and saw that Spanx has a new line of slimming tops out for spring. Then, I was catching up on some online reading and one blog led to another and before I knew it, I was reading this post about the brand’s Bradley Hughes–designed corporate headquarters in Georgia. I had no idea that Spanx was based in Atlanta, but it makes total sense that the place that made the corset de rigueur also gave birth to the modern-day version. (Just file this under In Case You Were Wondering.)


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  1. Thanks for this mention, though which I’ve now discovered your blog! Isn’t that office to die for?? I wish mine were as cool as that.

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