Spruce Austin on Etsy

I discovered Spruce Home, a furniture redesign studio in Austin, Texas, while researching a story for Metropolitan Home magazine last year and have been kind of obsessed with their fabrics ever since. Amanda Brown and Lizzie Joyce do the kinds of things I couldn’t even dream about with tired furniture–every time I buy something on craigslist or pick up a piece off the street with visions of the savvy renovation I think I might (but know I never will) work on it floating through my head, I wish they were here in New York to do the hard stuff for me. Luckily, as Ellie over at the Durham, NC-based Mint Design Blog posted, Etsy has decided to include them in its new process video series, beaming a bit of their upholstery wisdom into DIY-challenged homes like mine. Click the link above to get a fascinating glimpse into their world.


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One response to “Spruce Austin on Etsy

  1. Susan

    Love these two ladies and their work. Wished they lived close to me! Good find.

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