Folksgate: A Scandal FITS for the South

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If South Carolina’s sexing, sexting and who-knows-what-else-ing political figures are any indication, the Palmetto State must be the all-around sexiest spot in the Union.

I’m not trying to get political on this blog, but I just couldn’t let this latest scandal pass without comment. First, current Governor Mark Sanford invented the lamest excuse in the history of lying in order to cheat on his wife, Jenny. And now, just this week, Nikki Haley, the Jenny Sanford–endorsed, very-married state congresswoman running to replace Sanford, finds herself in the untenable position of having to refute allegations of an “inappropriate physical relationship” with republican blogger and political operative Will Folks. Folks, a former Sanford spokesperson who also wrote speeches for Haley, has been heavily vilified in the press over the years, and his web site, FITSNews is a frequent target for democrats and republicans alike.

I’ve been on a rapidly expanding email chain regarding this story since early yesterday, and the consensus that seems to be building is that whatever’s going on here, it’s not nothing, if you know what I mean. Until the story plays out, we’ll just have to follow the advice of Governor Sanford and Folks, and “let the chips fall where they may.”



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2 responses to “Folksgate: A Scandal FITS for the South

  1. Susan O'Neal

    I’m just saying too! Way to go SC

  2. Katie Alice

    Oh, it’s definitely not nothing. Something new unfolds every morning! Gooooo SC.

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