Memorial Day in the Holy City

We spent the long weekend with friends in Charleston. Downtown. On the beach. Exploring side streets and courtyards. Getting Iced in the early morning (others, not me). Sweating in the heat and humidity and not caring at all. Such a wonderful place to live, visit, work and play. But then again, New York’s pretty great, too. Enjoy the snapshots.

southern on the inside, jessica mischner, charleston

Downtown on a beautiful clear day.

Baked, a sweet shop imported from Brooklyn.

Random, cool rusted out truck.

Wall hanging in the courtyard of a friend's new apartment.

Tea anyone?

Metal dancers on the wall.

A lantern makes such an ironically cool light fixture.

Joseph's has the best home fries ever. These clever ketchup packets are pretty amazing, too.

Outside at Taco Boy.

A beacon of Mexican goodness in the Charleston night.

There's a pirate tour guide. Who knew?

We spent the last night in Litchfield, one of the best beaches around.

And we're not the only people who think so.


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