Guess What’s Southern…

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Witnessed at Penn Station on the way back from the Derby.

Though I would never participate in an actual “icing” (ladies seem to be exempt from the practice), I have to admit, I love seeing it happen. I love witnessing it first-hand–especially if an Ice Block is involved–but I derive just as much pleasure seeing it in pictures or imagining it from stories I hear from friends or read online. Which brings me to Not since have I laughed at a web site so much. That it was started by a southern guy–shocker–only makes me appreciate the genius of its lowbrow appeal all the more. (The as-yet-unnamed mastermind is currently trying to remain anonymous (job prospects and all) but I’m betting he won’t be able to stay in the shadows for long.)

From what I’ve gathered from friends and co-workers, the icing phenomenon hit critical mass sometime around Memorial Day. The press surrounding did, too. Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen it covered in the Village Voice, New York Times, New York magazine (who deemed it Lowbrow Brilliant), and on

Also, hilarious: the spinoff Ice Ashton campaign, created by a social marketer in New York. A proper punking tribute to the ultimate bro.


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One response to “Guess What’s Southern…

  1. Alice Curtin Thaxton

    Check out the crowd (quite handsome I might add) looking on in awe!

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