Ass, Meet Class

kathleen parker, eliot spitzer, cnn, southern on the inside

Photo: Huffington Post

As excited as I am to watch Pulitzer Prize winner Kathleen Parker, one of my hometown heroes, take over Campbell Brown’s former prime-time spot on CNN, I’m even more interested to see how she’ll handle her co-host, Eliott Spitzer. It’s North meets South, Liberal meets Conservative, Male meets Female (something our former gov’nor knows something about), Disgraced meets Darling (see Male meets Female)–you know, all of the elements upon which great TV is built. The show, which will most likely occupy the 8PM slot, is slated to debut in September.


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One response to “Ass, Meet Class

  1. Patrick Allen

    Kathleen Parker is an ill-informed ideologue with all the charm of Ann Coulter and all the intellect of Sarah Palin.

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