Precursors to The Official Preppy Handbook: Part I

Tom Shadyac's satirical 1979 poster featured one of his Sigma Chi fraternity brothers at UVA.

In honor of the September 7 release of True Prep, the sequel to the iconic Official Preppy Handbook, I thought I’d highlight some of the standard bearing gems that paved the way for tongue-in-cheek (and not) guides to culture and deportment.

This 1975 classic features advice on accent improvement and marrying for money.

Esther B. Aresty's 1970 survey of etiquette books throughout the ages.

By 1915, this manly manners guide was in its 5th printing.

A Pepto pink guide to beauty as only the 60's could offer.

Because good manners are limitless. First published in 1934!

Published around the same time as TOPH, this is the British equivalent.

Thanks, in part, to for your amazing archives.


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One response to “Precursors to The Official Preppy Handbook: Part I

  1. Reminds me also of the Southern Belle Primer, which rated one’s silver pattern like the signs of the zodiac…

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