Something About the South

I know it’s hot outside, but it seems the media is sweating our fair South particularly hard this month. First, Travel + Leisure (the first magazine to hire me, way back in 2004), ranked Charleston, South Carolina, the 3rd best city in America in its 2010 World’s Best Awards (the Holy City was narrowly eclipsed by NYC and San Francisco). Then, I opened up this week’s New York magazine–the one with crazy James Franco on the cover–to find this observation by City Council Member Letitia James on page 7: “I just see the U-Haul trucks, and people coming up to me and kissing good-bye. They just indicate to me that their dollar can go farther in the South.” Now, upon closer inspection, I realized that James said this in 2007, but given the economic freefall we’ve been experiencing since then, I can only imagine this is even truer today. (If they’re looking for a less expensive place to call home, though, let’s hope they’re not heading toward Charleston.)

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