Not Exactly Alphabet City

An alphabetical sampling of monogram styles at the Upper Rust in the East Village.

Any girl who’s lived in New York long enough has realized the one essential thing the city that has everything doesn’t have: convenient places to have items monogrammed. Barring a few spots on the Upper East Side, there just aren’t monogram shops. Even tailors and dry cleaners–natural go-to’s for this sort of thing–won’t do it. My guy, Ramon Diaz, literally remade three of my husband’s grandfather’s suits into Thom Browne–caliber getups but looked at me with question marks in his eyes when I asked him to monogram a handkerchief. As a consolation of sorts, however, I recently came across two beautiful antique examples of monogram forms, one at the Upper Rust in the East Village (above) and the other by chance from a book dealer (below). If only I could find someone to replicate these styles, I’d be in business.

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One response to “Not Exactly Alphabet City

  1. Mariah

    Ooh I love the name monograms!

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