Southern Design Stars

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Yes, all of my friends are model-pretty and, yes, I love them anyway.

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The latest Garden & Gun just hit newsstands.

I don’t often get to say, “I know her!” when I see a beautiful and accomplished gal on the cover of a magazine. But that’s happened to me twice this month already, and it’s only the 10th! First, I spied interior designer Rachel Halvorson (below) on the cover of the latest Garden & Gun, which profiled, among other things, her work for Ronnie Dunn, one-half of the duo formerly known as Brooks & Dunn. Then, I got an email this morning alerting me to the latest issue of Lonny, and who should grace that cover but my very dear friend and former colleague, Callie Jenschke (above), one-half of the very much alive Scout Designs (partner Nicki Clendening is a fellow South Carolinian). We’ve featured Callie and Nicki here before, but Rachel is a new friend who I met through another Southern friend and former Metropolitan Home colleague (where Callie and I worked together), Lenora Jane Estes (who’s now at Vanity Fair). (As if that’s not complicated enough, we were all together at a small birthday dinner party barely a month ago–and no one breathed a word of her impending celebrity to me!) Yes, my Southern world is small and shrinking more and more everyday. But back to the point: Congrats, Rachel and Callie! I’m so proud to say I know you both.

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  1. Ya’ll take good care of my favorite cousin up there in the big city! Be sure and tell her congratulations for me and not to forget about her family in the deep south.

    Rob Estes

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