A Bit of Gentlemanly Advice

I spotted signs for the soon-to-open Palmer Trading Co. in the window of the old Purl Knitting space on Sullivan Street last Saturday night. Not sure if it’s a shop or a bar or what, but a quick Google search seems to point to Austin, Texas as the origins for the business and then the trail goes cold. Love the wisdom in the windows, though.


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3 responses to “A Bit of Gentlemanly Advice

  1. mischy

    Is it not: a gentleman makes a will for both his own “peace” of mind and….. ? The gentleman who penned that last one must have been using only a piece of his mind to do it? But what about : A Gentleman knows how to use a Dictionary – uh-oh!
    I think the Gentleman is a TEASE!

  2. Love it! Only a gal from the home of the Carolina Cup could do this. Well done!


  3. Steve S.

    Interesting…I wonder what this store will turn out to be.

    Those quotes are, by the way, from How to be a Gentleman by John Bridges.


    A book I first received a long time ago when I was like ten. I committed many of the book’s timeless truths to memory.

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