Come See the Junior League Band!

I love, love, love Lissy Rosemont’s old-tymey, soulful voice and cannot wait to see her and the Junior League Band play at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night. Lissy’s from Atlanta and her family runs the annual Fiddler’s Grove fiddler’s festival in Union Grove, North Carolina. Plus, she roomed with a good friend of mine in college so in my world, she’s about as famous as they get. Now, it seems like the rest of the country’s taking note of her talent, as well. The show starts around 6:30/7pm so come after work for happy hour and be  home in time to watch whatever leftover shows you’ve got in the queue.

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One response to “Come See the Junior League Band!

  1. Susan O'Neal

    Love, love this video. What a great way to start the day. Makes me smile!

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