Pellet Ice? Yes, please!

When it comes to ice, pellets are the ice chewer's foie gras (or so I'm told).

Pellet ice. Nugget ice. Cubelets. Call those fluffy little ice jewels whatever you like. The fact is, they’re so hard to find it’s best not to think of them at all. Just make your cubes of hard, oversize ice and like it. Or at least that’s what I thought until a friend told me about a game-changing discovery he made on a recent trip to the South. Sonic, he said, will sell 10-lb bags of pellet ice to-go. And not only that, the cost per bag: $1.99!!!! This could change at-home cocktails and sweet tea forever. I’d say that’s worth a trip to New Jersey.



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2 responses to “Pellet Ice? Yes, please!

  1. mischy

    Such good news! They make the BEST cherry limeade and this ice would also help make the BEST mint juleps! Wonderful to know for parties and for bringing to the biggest outdoor cocktail party: the Carolina Cup day picnics! Thanks Mrs. Southern on the Inside for a very helpful tip!

  2. Susan O'Neal

    Sonic definately has the BEST ice ever. Zaxby’s is a close runner up

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