Hollister Hovey on Halloween

As I mentioned in my post on Southern in the City yesterday, I asked a handful of the most creative NYC-based Southerners I know to share their Halloween plans and ideas for this year’s festivities, as well as memories of Halloweens past. I’ll be continuing to post their responses here throughout the next few days. Here’s what one of my favorite bloggers, Hollister Hovey, had to say.

hollister hovey, porter hovey, garden and gun magazine

Hollister (second from right) and Porter (far right) Hovey at Garden & Gun's NYC fête last Thursday.

Are you going out for Halloween this year?

Yes. Probably with a bunch of friends who will be dressed as everything from a matador to an 19th century bather.

What will your costume be?

Currently, the plan is to be Rosie the Riveter — or one of the WASPS (the female fighter pilots of WWII)

Favorite costume, past or present?

A couple years ago, Porter and I went as Daniel and H.W. Plainview from There Will Be Blood.  It’s extremely hard to drink beer wearing a fake mustache!

The Sisters Hovey in costume in 2008.

I love when my sister went as Tintin.

Porter as Tintin, a fictional Belgian journalist created by Hergé.

Go-to costume when all else fails?


Favorite candy?

Reese’s peanut butter cups.


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