Morbid Anatomy of a Southern Belle

The Morbid Anatomy of a Southern Belle, Ronald Searle, Holiday magazine, Frances Gray Patton

I found this Ronald Searle illustration, which accompanies a tongue-in-cheek article on Southern mores and manners by North Carolina–born author Frances Gray Patton, in the November 1959 issue of Holiday magazine. All I could think of when I saw it was that if Tim Burton were to redesign Maryln Schwartz’s Southern Belle Primer, this is how it might look.



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2 responses to “Morbid Anatomy of a Southern Belle

  1. Fab! Mind if I add it to my Searle Tribute Blog? Do you have the rest of the article scanned? This is one I’ve never seen

    • jessicamischner

      Thanks for your comment, Matt. I love your Ronald Searle Tribute blog and will send you the rest of the article. Cheers!

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