Lady Gaga Goes to USC

My friend and fellow blogger Ward Williams alerted me to this announcement on Gawker a few weeks ago:

“The University of South Carolina will be offering a class called “Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame” beginning next spring, taught by an obsessed professor with a Gaga fansite.”

It’s taken me a bit to mull the whole thing over, as I’ve been trying to figure out whether it’s a joke, a sign of the declining quality of public education, or–and this is what I’ve settled on–proof that Southerners like this professor are engaging in next-level thinking by nimbly incorporating fresh ideas and zeitgeisty concepts into their curricula. Regardless, I’m pretty sure Professor Mathieu Deflem won’t have trouble filling this class next semester.

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One response to “Lady Gaga Goes to USC

  1. therealgagafrontrow

    Good luck to anyone who takes this course . It’s the professor indulging himself. It’s questionable if he shall be able to separate himself as a educator or a rabid fantard. More about the professor on my blog

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