3 Cures for the Winter Chill

When it’s as blindingly cold as it’s been the past few days, there aren’t many things that provide enough of an artificial glow to make me forget the chill. Three things that do: flowers, coffee, and Christmas decorations.

Ithaca Farmers' Market

And again.

Once more at the Farmers' Market.

Inside the Christmas Tree of a restaurant that is Rolf's.

The dolls are a bit scary. Otherwise, it's very festive.

Love the "No Smoking" sign given the number of electric lights and flammable objects.


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2 responses to “3 Cures for the Winter Chill

  1. One of my coziest December memories involves coffee, gorgeous flowers and even more gorgeous decorations: a Christmas lunch at Gramercy Tavern. After freezing my cheeks (all of them) holiday shopping, this was the perfect reward!

  2. And perhaps an hour to sit next to a roaring fire.

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