Camo is the New Black

Fatigues on the street in SoHo

I never, ever thought I would see the day when New Yorkers would sport camo. Where I come from, people wear camouflage to blend in—with brush, trees, their trucks, perhaps—but Fall-inspired New Yorkers have adopted the multi-colored detection protection for the exact opposite reason: to stand out. They wear it almost as an accessory-and I have to admit, I kind of dig it. In high school, I never understood it when people wore hunting gear to class-head-to-toe Browning in the cafeteria is just wrong-but up here, where daily life can be so exhausting and navigating cars and crowds requires uncommon strength, a bit ofcamo projects a badass-ness that I can relate to. Now, maybe the root of this new trend lies in the fashion world’s recent obsession with all things military, but I like to think the South’s sartorial influence has something to do with it, too. After all, no one thought New Yorkers would wear seersucker, either.

To get the look, try one-and only one-of these pieces.

Ben Silver Bowtie

Spotted on the Metro-North platform

Old Navy puffer vest

Hamilton Shirt

My friend Callie's cool camo tote


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One response to “Camo is the New Black

  1. Lynde

    They have the cutest camo Toms shoes at Bergdorfs!! Loving camo in NY!

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