The Style of Travel

Even surfers know how to rock a suit when the situation calls for one.

Every year around this time, I get really antsy to pack a bag and get out of town. Doesn’t matter where; I just want a break from wherever I am, which today is cold, wintry New York City. With a couple of trips on the horizon, I’ve been loving the idea of traveling smartly with true style, whether that means dressing up to make flying feel like the special occasion it used to, to employing only the coolest modes of transportation. These images (above and below) make traveling–actually getting from point A to point B–look like an exciting adventure, not a necessary evil that must be endured to reach a better destination.

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One response to “The Style of Travel

  1. I miss the days when airlines competed for your business with good meals and free booze and nice seats. I hate it now, dread it in fact but spend my life flying and travelling about.

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