Mad River Glen Paraskiing

I recently read about an event up in Vermont in which intrepid skiers strap on parachutes, jump from a plane and then proceed to ski down the mountain upon landing. The only thing I’m afraid of more than traveling downhill at high speeds is being in an unenclosed space at high altitudes, so paraskiing sounds like a pretty righteous nightmare to me. It does, however, look extremely cool and make for an interesting spectator sport, I’m sure. I can’t find any info on this year’s Mad River Glen event, but there’s a cool video of last year’s event here.


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2 responses to “Mad River Glen Paraskiing

  1. Mike M.

    I am curious where you read about this event? Thanks

    • jessicamischner

      Hi, Mike. My husband actually told me about the event. He’s well-versed in all things random.

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