Hipster Traps at SXSW

Hilarious prank or subversive commentary on the cultural homogenization and commercialization of music? You decide.

However you look at it, the fact that some merry bandit is installing these traps throughout the streets of Austin to capture the hordes of hipsters who have descended on Texas’s creative capitol to attend South By Southwest is hilarious. Some survival kit essentials no hipster should leave home without (lest you unwittingly fall prey to the temptations laid out in the aforementioned and above pictured trap) include: colored bike chain, brightly colored sunglasses in a classic Wayfarer shape (sans logo, though, of course), American Spirit cigarettes, and a retro-trendy beer (Pabst is ideal but Genessee will do in a pinch). If taken hostage, don’t resist. Instead, feign indifference, then make a break for the nearest Whole Foods or Apple store at the earliest opportunity.

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