Behind the Curtain

Lovely photo by Bryan Goulart

Southern on the Inside documents the people and experiences that bring Southern culture to life around the country. I’m your host, Jessica Mischner. Welcome to my blog.

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You can also find me over at Garden & Gun‘s web site, where I host another blog called Southern in the City, about, well, the same sort of thing.


17 responses to “Behind the Curtain

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  2. I just love your blog! Just read through all of it, and subscribed in my Google reader.

  3. “Southern on the Inside” is great medicine for this Texan with South Carolina roots living in New Jersey.

    • Amy

      Love this blog….we think similarly about life in NY as southerners. Feel free to check out my last few entries:

  4. Steve S.

    Hey there…I really like your blog. Definitely going to Google Reader Subscribe. I’m from California, lived in New York City and now am going to law school in New Orleans.

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  6. Hey –
    Just discovered your blog. Love it…
    Started my own blog this week that’s a bit like yours in reverse.

    After 10 years in New York, I’m adjusting to living in the South. Check it out.

  7. Jessica! Just discovered your blog through the Zach Williams post. I’m from Swainsboro, Georgia and also moved to the city in ’04. You have a new follower!

  8. Kathryn Allred

    Absolutely love this blog and Southern in the City! I stalk all things Southern in NYC as well, so this is like a bible to me. Keep the great posts coming!

  9. elizabeth

    i live in mississippi but wished i lived in new york…i love ny so your blog lets me dream>>>>>>>>>.thank you

  10. Jessica, found you on Twitter and now on your blog! I recently started one, too, and am super excited to catch up on yours! I know you love it up there in NYC, so now I’ll get to live the “girl in the big city” life vicarously through you!

  11. Taylor Cleveland

    Hey – I stumbled upon your blog recently and really dig it. Keep up the good work.

  12. wait… what? you have my cousin on your blog roll! you must be a charlotte girl… austin bryan? small world!

  13. haha… nevermind. just clicked through, not the same austin bryan or blog. ha! that’s awkward. 🙂

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