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Cheerwine’s Last Stand

Photo: James Mann

If you haven’t already voted in Garden & Gun‘s Southern soda poll, this is your chance to ensure soft drink supremacy for your favorite regional pop once and for all. Though I admit to being partial to Cheerwine (so boringly mainstream, I know), I learned enough about Kentucky’s Ale-8 One (pronounce “A Late One”) while researching the article to carve out a little corner of my drinking heart for this under-the-radar soft drink. Ordinarily, we Southerners call everything “Coke” and then get more specific from there, as in: “What kind of Coke do you want?” “Mountain Dew. Thanks.” But given the recent fascination with our made-in-the-South sodas, it’s only right we start showing some respect and calling these beverages by their given names.


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Weekend Fun for Texpats

From TastingTable today:

Sunday, 2/20
3 to 7 p.m.
Lone Star Showdown
Grab your boots and head to the Bell House for some Texas State Fair fun. The party (free entry) features a cook-off of the Tex-Mex classic, Velveeta-based queso, plus Texan draft beers, Ping-Pong tables, a giant Connect Four game, a belt-buckle contest and music by Texas expats Shoot the JukeboxThe Bell House, 149 Seventh St. (at Second Ave.), Brooklyn; 718-643-6510 or

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Sales, Tastings, and Tours (oh my!)

For the next three weekends—December 4+5, 10+11, and 18+19—Kings County Distillery will be open from 12:00pm to 7:00pm for sales, tastings, and tours. On offer: moonshine ($20 for 200ml bottles and $35 for 375ml bottles), as well as a limited amount of newly matured bourbon for sale. Tastings of both the moonshine and bourbon will be available for $5 per person. Informal distillery tours start at 1pm and run hourly until 5pm.

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Cocktails, Party Pics, and More

Garden & Gun recently posted pictures from their NYC Southern-Inspired Social here. The party, held at The New Traditionalists’ design studio above Balthazar, featured four signature cocktails from mixologist Jason Rowan of Embury Cocktails. Since they were delicious and potent and festive occasion–worthy enough for upcoming holiday parties, I thought I’d share them here, along with a handy guide to serving glasses.

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New Term Alert: Fat Washing!

fat wash·ing


fat wash·ing (verb): A technique for flavoring spirits with ingredients that have a high fat content (e.g., bacon): the fat is rendered, mixed with the alcohol, and then removed after a period of freezing.

Actually, this isn’t all that “new” but I’d never heard the term before today when I stumbled upon it in a backlog of emails from Tasting Table. Fat washing is apparently how science-savvy bartenders–excuse me, mixologists–create bacon-infused bourbon without the greasy residue. Genius.

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12 Reasons to Love NOLA Right Now

Check out my post on some of the places feeling the NOLA love in NYC right now here, on my Garden & Gun blog.

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Moonshine Over Manhattan

Uncle Jessie’s ole’ cough syrup is taking New York City by storm. Read more here.

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