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The Phantom Tollbooth Turns 50

Officer Officer Short Shrift to Milo: “Not doing anything, eh? You’ll have to admit at your aOfficer Short Shrift to Milo: “Not doing anything, eh? You’ll have to admit at your age that’s a crime.”

Milo and Tock, Norton and Jules, Officer Short Shrift and the Spelling Bee–the gang is together again thanks to a new documentary film celebrating the 50th anniversary of Norton Juster’s classic book, The Phantom Tollbooth (also known as the Only Book I’ve Read More Than Once). Get the details on Kickstarter.

Also, be sure to check out these brain-bending infographics from Brooklyn artist Jan Avendano.


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Garden & Gun in WWD

Congrats on the great press in today’s Women’s Wear Daily to my favorite magazine, Garden & Gun. Much deserved. (And thanks, Lee Norwood, for alerting me to the story.)

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Fry-Fry Chicky-Chick

If you haven’t seen self-described fried chicken obsessive Aziz Ansari break down his unique food lingo on Parks and Recreation, please break away from the coverage of Osama bin Laden’s death for 30 seconds to watch this clip. You’ll never look at eggs or rice the same way again.


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Banff Mountain Film Fest

Looking forward to checking out the Banff Mountain Festival this Sunday and Monday at Symphony Space on 95th Street.

In doing research on the Banff event, I came across complete collections of Summit and Climbing magazines, both of which were/are pretty much the handbooks for early climbers like Yvon Chouinard, Glen Denny, and Royal Robbins, as well as for the generations of climbers and mountaineering types who followed. I posted a gallery of some of the most captivating covers from Summit over at Southern in the City, my other blog for Garden & Gun magazine (click here if you’re interested). On Monday, I’ll post some shots from Climbing magazine, as well (in keeping with the whole mountain-climbing, adventure-sport theme).



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The Mid-Century South

Old-time fun at the Varsity in Atlanta. Story by James Street, Photos by Lois and Joe Steinmetz.

Yesterday, I found an old stash of Holiday magazines from the 50’s in the back of a vintage shop. I wasn’t surprised to see more than a dozen stories on the South and Southerners–the magazine’s expressed purpose was to convey the good life, after all–but I was surprised to see how the stories and pictures managed to capture the best of Dixie society in what was undeniably not her finest or most socially conscious hour. William Faulkner paints a verbal and photographic portrait of his Mississippi in the April 1954 issue and Ovid Williams Pierce shows the diversity of North Carolina’s mountain culture (February, 1957). Not only did James Street’s portrait of Atlanta (January 1951) make me crave a Coke like I haven’t in years, it made me want to restore the South’s signature drink to its full and proper name. He refers to it repeatedly as the South’s vin de pays ( tells me this means “country wine”); the least I can do is drop the slang and call it Coca-Cola.

Bare ankles and loafers on Georgia Tech's campus. Take that, Take Ivy.

A gaggle of teenagers enjoying a good, old-fashioned Coke party. (Steinmetz)

Arriving for a gathering at Bolling Jones. (Steinmetz)

Casual summer pool party? Check. Regulation-size climbing raft? Check.

A slightly terrifying yet efficient way to view the Blue Ridge Mountains.

New Hipster Profession Alert: Aristan Broommaker. Cherokee mentor and well-worn overalls not included.

A Bauhaus-inspired bathhouse in Cape Hatteras, NC. Eat your heart out, Marfa.

Nothing says Texas oil money like a red gingham table cloth. (February 1957)

A vintage sorority belle at Old South? No, Silly! It's the annual Natchez Pilgrimage.

When Carroll Baker starred in Tennessee Williams' film, Baby Doll, Holiday's movie critic called her "the hottest thing South of the Mason-Monroe line." Bam!


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Travel+Leisure Hearts Charleston

travel and leisure america's favorite cities 2010 survey, charleston

The 2010 America’s Favorite Cities survey is out, and Charleston, South Carolina is the overall winner. Not only does the Holy City rank first in friendliness and attractiveness (hello!), it ranks number two for its sense of style and breaks the top 10 for its intelligence (take that Berkeley!).

travel and leisure america's favorite cities 2010 survey, charleston

T+L has a handy little widget that lets you compare two cities to see how each matches up. I did–shocker–Charleston vs. New York. Click here to see the results.

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Morbid Anatomy of a Southern Belle

The Morbid Anatomy of a Southern Belle, Ronald Searle, Holiday magazine, Frances Gray Patton

I found this Ronald Searle illustration, which accompanies a tongue-in-cheek article on Southern mores and manners by North Carolina–born author Frances Gray Patton, in the November 1959 issue of Holiday magazine. All I could think of when I saw it was that if Tim Burton were to redesign Maryln Schwartz’s Southern Belle Primer, this is how it might look.


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