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Mad River Glen Paraskiing

I recently read about an event up in Vermont in which intrepid skiers strap on parachutes, jump from a plane and then proceed to ski down the mountain upon landing. The only thing I’m afraid of more than traveling downhill at high speeds is being in an unenclosed space at high altitudes, so paraskiing sounds like a pretty righteous nightmare to me. It does, however, look extremely cool and make for an interesting spectator sport, I’m sure. I can’t find any info on this year’s Mad River Glen event, but there’s a cool video of last year’s event here.



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Climbing Magazine Shots Part 2

I’m not a climber myself–anything above ladder-height sets my knees knockin’–but I do enjoy the wild and adventurous style of mountaineering types.

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Climbing Magazine Shots Part 1

In honor of the touring Banff Mountain Festival, which is currently showing at the Peter Norton Symphony Space on 95th Street, I’ve been pulling together images from old Climbing and Summit magazines. You can view the gallery from Summit over at Southern in the City. The shots below are all from Climbing mag from 1960ish through 1990ish. More to follow tomorrow.



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Banff Mountain Film Fest

Looking forward to checking out the Banff Mountain Festival this Sunday and Monday at Symphony Space on 95th Street.

In doing research on the Banff event, I came across complete collections of Summit and Climbing magazines, both of which were/are pretty much the handbooks for early climbers like Yvon Chouinard, Glen Denny, and Royal Robbins, as well as for the generations of climbers and mountaineering types who followed. I posted a gallery of some of the most captivating covers from Summit over at Southern in the City, my other blog for Garden & Gun magazine (click here if you’re interested). On Monday, I’ll post some shots from Climbing magazine, as well (in keeping with the whole mountain-climbing, adventure-sport theme).



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A New Film on Peter Beard

Peter Beard, Beard at Work documentary, Southern on the Inside

From a 1990's French magazine whose title I can't pronounce or translate.

Last night the Chelsea Room hosted a screening of Beard at Work, a short documentary directed by a couple of NYU film-school seniors (obviously) and produced by Brett Ratner. Since the film documents one of Beard’s photo shoots, it features models like Lydia Hearst and Doutzen Kroes, who were no doubt in attendance last night with lots of their model-pretty friends. Why am I mentioning this? Because Peter Beard, who grew up in New York City, Long Island, and Alabama, is a true adventurer and one of the only people to rock a blazer-kikoy combo and still manage to look distinguished.

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New Reader Crack

Jorie Kent Butler photographed by Slim Aarons from

A cover of Summit magazine, as seen on

Ricky and Ralph Lauren in Amagansett in the 70's, photographed by Les Goldberg, from

I recently discovered two new (to me, at least) sources of online inspiration that are like tall glasses of refreshingly cool water in the incestuous desert of workwear-laden, menswear-and-Americana–obsessed blogs that have proliferated the sphere in recent years: and Check them out. Go on.

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Safari Style

I know it seems weird to post about safari style on the heels of a post about the transatlantic slave trade, but I was so inspired by the July 1981 adventure issue of GQ that I couldn’t resist sharing some images from it. The entire feature well is filled with the most amazing images and articles on Africa, including an outstanding piece on Peter Beard, and is actually a fairly beautiful homage to the continent and its myriad, culturally diverse inhabitants. Plus, anyone who’s ever seen issues of GQ from the 70s and 80s knows how rare it is to find images and content that feel as relevant today as they did then (men’s fashion was just way, way different). My husband, Will, and I spent our Honeymoon in South Africa, and I’ve been plotting ways to get back ever since. Until then, at least I can dress the part.

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