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The Burning House

Photo: Foster Huntington's shot of Matt Hranek's essentials.

What would you take if your house was burning and you could only grab what you could carry? That’s what my friend, Foster Huntington, focuses on in his super cool photoblog, The Burning House. Check it out here.


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An Urban Steeplechase Event

Photo: Michael Harlan Turkell

Michael Harlan Turkell said Eleven Madison Park’s Kentucky Derby Party, which he attended for Garden & Gun last weekend, was one of NYC’s “best restaurant shindigs.” I think that means he had fun. Check out his pictures from the cotton-candy-and-seersucker-filled event over at my other blog, Southern in the City.

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Derby Days

This weekend’s a big one here in New York City. Lots of Southerners will be donning Lilly-or-louder dresses and ties, freshly laundered seersucker suits, and royal wedding–worthy hats to celebrate the annual running of the ponies at Churchill Downs. In Manhattan, folks will be gathering at Eleven Madison Park, Smack Mellon, and all of the other great locations throughout the five boroughs that serve heavily-liquored-sweating-cold mint juleps.

But we’re not the only ones. In fact, I won’t even be in the city this weekend. I’ll be down in South Carolina celebrating the lovely ladies in my family, and watching the Derby with some hometown friends. Where will you be gathering this Saturday? Please tell me how you celebrate the Kentucky Derby in style. And send pictures! I’ll be posting a gallery of the best shots on my Garden & Gun blog, Southern in the City, next week. Email me at

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Climbing Magazine Shots Part 2

I’m not a climber myself–anything above ladder-height sets my knees knockin’–but I do enjoy the wild and adventurous style of mountaineering types.

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Banff Mountain Film Fest

Looking forward to checking out the Banff Mountain Festival this Sunday and Monday at Symphony Space on 95th Street.

In doing research on the Banff event, I came across complete collections of Summit and Climbing magazines, both of which were/are pretty much the handbooks for early climbers like Yvon Chouinard, Glen Denny, and Royal Robbins, as well as for the generations of climbers and mountaineering types who followed. I posted a gallery of some of the most captivating covers from Summit over at Southern in the City, my other blog for Garden & Gun magazine (click here if you’re interested). On Monday, I’ll post some shots from Climbing magazine, as well (in keeping with the whole mountain-climbing, adventure-sport theme).



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Coming Soon: The Carolina Cup

the carolina cup, camden, south carolina

Reid Buckley is pictured second from left. LIFE photos by Grey Villet, 1971.

The deadline for buying renewing parking spaces at the Carolina Cup is this Friday. [Note: Unclaimed spaces will be up for grabs after the Friday deadline, and general admission parking is available on race day.] If you haven’t been to the Cup, held in Camden, South Carolina each Spring, you’re missing out on one of the greatest tailgating experiences this side of Ascot. Just ask Reid Buckley. William F.’s eccentric brother resides in Camden and is a regular patron of the Carolina Cup and its fall counterpart, the Colonial Cup.

the carolina cup, camden, south carolina

the carolina cup, camden, south carolina

the carolina cup, camden, south carolina

the carolina cup, camden, south carolina

the carolina cup, camden, south carolina

the carolina cup, camden, south carolina

the carolina cup, camden, south carolina

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Baby the Rain Must Fall

Photographs by William Claxton.

Around this time in 1965, Robert Mulligan, the director of To Kill A Mockingbird, released another Southern-set movie starring Steve McQueen. Baby the Rain Must Fall is set in the backwoods of Columbus and Wharton, Texas and features McQueen as a hot-headed, golden-voiced parolee. McQueen couldn’t carry a tune, so the music is clearly dubbed; the style, however, is genuine authentic.

Just a man, a guitar, and a bathtub.


Texas tuxedo.


Rehearsing, naturally.


Co-star Lee Remick.

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