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Q&A: Miles Redd

miles redd

From Domino's December 2009 Issue

I’m a huge fan of Miles Redd‘s cheeky chic aesthetic–think Old Hollywood meets the South, with healthy splashes of color, sparkle and whimsy thrown in–so when my lovely aunt met Miles’s sister by chance on vacation, she kindly offered to introduce me to the designer himself. He couldn’t have been more gracious and charming. Read on for his thoughts on everything from set design to southern hospitality to the City’s best shopping spots.

JM: I’ve read a good bit about you over the years, but one thing I missed is that you came to New York for film school. I had no idea.

MR: Well, like all stories do, that one’s gotten a bit condensed over the years. It’s actually a little longer than that. I started out at Parsons studying fashion. Eventually, I transferred and graduated from NYU with a film degree. I sort of always excelled at set design, so that’s what I ended up pursuing in the beginning. I did a very brief stint with Francine LeFrak, who was a TV/movie producer for networks like Lifetime. She did The Pamela Harriman Story and other similar things. I moved on from there, but I’m very grateful for the time I spent there because it really taught me what I wanted.

JM: Any interest in returning to set design and breaking into movies  a lá Tom Ford?

MR: The short answer is yes. That’s definitely a fantasy.

Photos: Miles Redd

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