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Fry-Fry Chicky-Chick

If you haven’t seen self-described fried chicken obsessive Aziz Ansari break down his unique food lingo on Parks and Recreation, please break away from the coverage of Osama bin Laden’s death for 30 seconds to watch this clip. You’ll never look at eggs or rice the same way again.



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Somewhere Don Draper is Getting Drunk

Mad Men, Eastbound and Down, Don Draper, Kenny Powers, Jon Hamm, Danny McBride, Matthew Weiner, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Miss Ida Blankenship, Betty Draper, Jody Hill, Myrtle Beach Drunk

From a barn to the 27th floor to that sweet skyscraper in the sky.

There’s good news and bad news circulating in TV Land today. First, let’s rip the Band-Aid off with the Youvegottabeforgettingkiddingme–inducing announcement that AMC is postponing Season 5 of Mad Men amid contract negotiations. The new tentative air date: early 2012. EARLY 2012?! So just as the world is preparing to end in an apocalyptic Mayan blaze, we may (or may not) find comfort in one last hoorah with Don Draper, Betty (well, not Betty but maybe Megan…or at least Sally), and the liquor-swilling employees of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce? If that’s the case, then please, Matthew Weiner, for the love of all saints, bring back Sal Romano and the ghost of Ida “Neil Armstrong” Blankenship!

And now the good news (which, I admit, is more new-ish than new): Season 3 of Eastbound & Down will bring Kenny Powers to Myrtle Beach. Though Kenny worked hard to get “clean and soebs” in Season 2, something tells me he might be getting Myrtle Beach drunk in the not too distant future. What’s Myrtle Beach drunk, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked…

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Snapshots from the Grammys

Lots of Southern folks in attendance at the Grammys last night: Kings of Leon, the Avett Brothers (including the stand-up bass player they won’t officially let into the band), Usher, Lady Antebellum, and the belle of the ball, Cee Lo Green (accompanied by some creepy faux-muppets).

2011 Grammys, Cee Lo Green, Avett Brothers

2011 Grammys, Avett Brothers, Cee Lo Green

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The Wildest Show on TV

Garden & Gun, Southern in the City, Jessica Mischner

Check out my interview with The Wild Within host Steven Rinella. If you haven’t seen this new show on the Travel Channel, add it to your DVR/TiVo queue asap.

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Funny Southern People

It’s no secret that I love Southern comedians. Just look at the post I did for Southern in the City yesterday. But Zach Galifianakis is one of my absolute favorites. I love his stand-up. I love his movies. I love him in the white wine homage that is Bored to Death.  I even love his twin brother Seth. He’s a true gem. Just listen to this NPR interview and I’m sure you’ll agree.

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Justin Timberlake on the History of Rap

I know this has already gone viral, but if you haven’t seen Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon rap like they’re not white, please watch it. It’s hilarious.

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BBQ in the News

I'll forsake personal vanity here because I'm so proud to be in the company of Rodney Scott.

ABC’s Nightline did a Labor Day–inspired segment on BBQ, and who should appear front and center but Hemingway, South Carolina’s own Scott’s Bar-B-Que. I met pitmaster Rodney Scott at a party at Billy Reid’s Bond Street store after the Big Apple BBQ Block Party this past summer, but I had been a fan of his family’s establishment for much longer. Check out the video, featuring Southern Foodways pioneer John T. Edge, here.

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